Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twigas, tapika, na kaka yangu

On Friday we had Amani’s annual picnic. This year we went to Arusha National Park for a safari. I think most of the kids really enjoyed with the exception of the few that got really carsick (to the point that they filled up three bags with vomit).
We saw flamingoes, giraffes, zebra, elephant, monkeys, wildebeest, and other animals but I missed some because I ended up falling asleep…whoops!
Also, one of my favorite kids that had run away a few months ago came back on Saturday. It was so good to see him. He ran over to me and gave me a huge hug and he seemed pretty happy to be back. I was defiantly happy to have him back.
These past two weeks we have had about ten or fifteen children (both new and kids that have already been)…which means A LOT of trips to the clinic. Trips to the clinic means a lot of medications for malaria, worms, UTI’s etc.
Therefore, I have been extremely busy at Amani. Greg came the day before Amani’s picnic! It was great to see him. I picked him up from the airport with Theo and it was then that I remembered how tall he was. Crazy! He is going to be volunteering at a site where an orphanage is being built and he will be working on the garden with Chris. He came home after his first day with blisters and a sunburn (reminded me of Grant who was here before him doing the same work).
This morning I got into work and one of the boys had a fever of 102.4 with swollen nodes in his groin and an infection on his toe. He was in a lot of pain and looked miserable. I took him to the clinic where they diagnosed him with malaria…not surprising…and also gave him antibiotics for the infection.
In the afternoon, Greg came to Amani and got to see where I have been for the past six months. He also got to see a fight between some of the kids and was able to play soccer with some of the older boys (they are really really good and he didn’t last too long in the heat).
It is great having him here and I am excited for the rest of my family to come but when they arrive then I know for sure that my time here has almost come to an end. I am still not sure that I am ready for that yet.

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