Friday, June 18, 2010

another broken arm and I hate saying goodbye

The middle of the week was just as hectic as the beginning. Greg went to sleep with a fever on Wednesday night so I forced him to go to the clinic on Thursday morning for a malaria test. He did not have malaria though and is feeling better already.
After dropping Greg off at the clinic I got to work and gave out all the morning medications. Within a half-hour of being at work one of the boys who goes outside for school came back to Amani because he had fallen backward and caught his fall with his wrist. He was at school when he fell and had to walk all the way back to Amani with a broken wrist. I splinted it using a soft-cover book and then took him to the clinic. The doctor sent us to another clinic for an x-ray and were to return to the original clinic after. This boy was such a champ…he did not complain once and was not in much pain. After we got back to the original clinic with the x-ray it was clear that he had a fracture but the doctor wanted to use a softer cast for seven days until the swelling decreases. They took us into a back room and had him lay down on a bed. Without explaining anything to him they started to wrap his arm. He had not been given any pain meds or sedation or anything and started writhing in pain once they started touching his arm. Before the doctor tried to re-set it they decided to give him pain killers. I don’t think they started working in time though because he was in so so so much pain. We had to hold him down and he was hysterical. I couldn’t believe they were doing all these things without explaining anything to him. Anyway…after the arm was re-set and the cast was put on the medicine started to work. He became loopy and when we got in the taxi he talked non-stop half way home and then passed out (reminded me of myself after wisdom teeth except that I was knocked out completely).
Today, Friday, some of the kids went to relatives or parents houses for vacation. It was really hard for me to say goodbye because by the time they return from vacation I will be in America. I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite kids. Some walked to the daladala and others got a ride in the Amani bus. The kids were piled in their bus and I was standing next to it talking to them through the window. After a while I decided to say goodbye for good and go inside but on my way in both of the Rama’s got out of the van and came running over to me. When I saw them coming to me I had to turn around because I started to cry. I definitely did not want to cry in front of them… but whooops. They both hugged me and asked me not to leave, I explained myself to them again and told them I had to. I walked them back to the van and after they got in they opened the window and called me back over because they wanted to remind me that I should always remember them. I told them that I would never forget them and I truly know that I never will forget these two boys. I finally was able to walk away but every time I turned around to look back they were looking back at me too…it was hard…it reminded me of saying goodbye to Lupe and Angie all over again.
After all the goodbyes, the children who did not go home for vacation were just hanging out and playing. I had to dress a wound on one of the boys feet. He ended up finding a mini bottle of benedryl or neosporin spray or something and was pretending to spider man with it. He left the health room with the spray and I chased after him (I was worried he'd spray it in someone else's eyes) and two of the older boys helped me get the medicine back but guess where he had hid it. It was not in his pockets...he had hid it in his pants. Not of the had to get it out for me.
My family arrives tomorrow night!! I am so excited to see them but am still not sure that I am ready to leave Amani yet. I think it will be easier saying goodbye though because many of the kids have left for three weeks vacation. Can’t wait for safari on Tuesday with the family!!!

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  1. Cara...your photos and blog have been SO amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us.
    You undoubtedly have left a mark in the lives of so many while you were there and the memories you have made will last a lifetime.
    May the Lord bless the remaining time you have in Africa.
    We are all anxious to give you a "Welcome Home" hug and hear about your adventures in person.
    Have a FABULOUS time with your family.
    Sandy McG