Wednesday, May 5, 2010

just this week

I started the week with Monday meetings at Amani. Nothing too exciting happened at work. One of the boys started running a fever and another came home from school crying with a severe headache. On Tuesday both boys were still feeling slightly ill and another boy, one of the older ones, came home from school because he had thrown up. We took those three and one other little boy to the clinic. Again, this clinic trip took over four hours and was during lunchtime….not a good combination. Anyway, one of the little boys had to give a stool sample and didn’t quite understand how to do it so after he pooped I had to scoop it up into a little box so that it could get tested since he couldn’t figure out how to do it. While we were waiting for the test results a group of people carried an old woman in but I didn’t get to see what happened. After that a woman was trying to help an old woman walk up the steps of the clinic, they were clearly struggling so I went over and offered to help and the lady and I carried this old woman up the steps. She was adorable. The boys ended up having UTI, malaria, head fungus, chest infection type thing, and pneumonia. Anyway, after the clinic I went back to Amani and ate rice and beans and was completely happy (because I had food in my stomach).

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