Monday, April 12, 2010

Stone Town, Zanzibar

I took a week off from Amani last week and traveled to Zanzibar with Cassie. Our plane landed in Zanzibar but nobody was getting off of the plane so Cassie and I waited with everybody else until we started seeing new passengers board the plane. Apparently everyone else on the plane was flying to Dar es Salaam and they were meant to remain on the plane but Cassie and I were supposed to have gotten off. Luckily, we noticed just in time and started exited the plane while everyone else was coming on and giving us really confused looks.
We met up with Shirley and George (a really awesome older couple that are good friends with Cassie) and with Shirley’s son and grandson. Our first two nights in Zanzibar were spent in stone town. Shirley and George took us to a restaurant/hotel/bar that overlooked the sea where we were able to watch the sunset. It was gorgeous. A European woman who has been living in Stone Town brought three monkeys into the bar. She had adopted them I guess and was taking care of them and keeping them as pets…they were adorable. One was drinking out of a coconut!
After seeing the sunset we went to eat dinner at Fodhani Gardens (I don’t know how to spell it). It is a big area along the sea where they have stalls and stalls of different types of food. I got a Zanzibar pizza but vegetarian and then got another one but with chocolate and bananas (sooo delicious)! It reminded me of the night market in Morocco.
We spent the next day wondering through the little alleys of Stone Town. It also reminded me of Morocco because it was just like a giant maze that went on and on but we somehow always ended up finding our way. Many of the shops had great scarf’s and jewelry (hard for me because I was trying not to spend money). We met some interesting people and everyone was super friendly there.
The hostel we were staying in, St. Monica’s, also happened to be the Slave Museum because the slaves were held in the chambers in the basement during the slave trade. Cassie and I found this somewhat creepy and started scaring each other at dinner by telling ghost stories. I woke up at 3 am to go the bathroom and remembered that to get to the bathroom I had to leave our bedroom and walk down the hallway from where I could see downstairs to where the slaves had once been held. Being the immature and scared person that I am I had to wake Cassie up to walk me to the bathroom…but I didn’t end up feeling bad because as soon as we got back to the room she got a phone call from her mother that would have woken her up anyway. There was a warning for a possible Tsunami heading straight toward Zanzibar and her mom called to warn us (her mom seems adorable by the way). Luckily, however it ended up as just a warning and no tsunami occurred.

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