Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kili Kids Drum Show

So this past week was not too busy but I was pretty exhausted although I don’t know why. I hung out and didn’t do much (as far as traveling around goes) over the weekend. On Sunday, though, everyone from the hostel went to the Kili Kids Orphanage Drum Performace Fundraiser. It was a lot of fun…except that it was supposed to start at 5pm and didn’t start until 630. The kids did an awesome job and I think they ended up raising a lot of money for their orphanage! The pictures on this posting are from the fundraiser.
On Monday, Rovina and I taught first-aid (she did most of the teaching because my Swahili still is not good enough). Over the weekend three of the boys ran away…one of the boys was my favorite kid (even though I know we aren’t supposed to have favorites). I keep looking for him on the streets on my to and from work hoping that I find him. I really hope they are all safe and I really really want them to come back.
Today, Tuesday, Rovina and I took one of the kids to a doctor and stopped at Mawenzi hospital on the way to do some paperwork. It was super crowded with people and some lady had me hold her baby. It was really interesting to see how they did things there although I was only in the waiting area.
After I got back from the doctor with this kid I went out for soda and chips mayai (French fries in eggs) with my Upendo group. Twice a month we have Upendo (meaning love in Swahili). One of the meetings is a group meeting where everyone at Amani meets together as one and talks about relevant issues or topics. The other meeting is broken into groups of two or three staff and five or six children. The small groups meet together and go somewhere outside of Amani to talk and drink soda. It is a treat for the kids to have attention in smaller groups and to be outside of Amani and to be allowed to pick a treat to buy. All of the boys in my group looked so happy while we were out. I wish I could take them out everyday even if it was just to walk around town.
Not sure if this blog makes any sense but I am exhausted so…oh well.

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