Friday, April 2, 2010


This week was pretty good. It is exam week for the children so most of the older boys that would usually be in school were home by lunchtime. It was fun to have everyone around. On Tuesday, most of the kids and staff went to the Amani Farm to plant maize (which we use as food). I stayed back with the younger boys.
On Wednesday a lot of the kids were doing their laundry and Rovina and Christina were helping them so I decided to help out too. At one point I decided to take a break because I was starting to sweat too much in the sun and my hands were becoming raw…when I looked up I realized all of the kids and Christina and Rovina were watching me wash and thought it was the funniest thing ever. Christina is American but has been in Tanzania for a while and does her own laundry…clearly I don’t. They all tried to show me how they do it but I just couldn’t get it right. I thought the way I was doing it was fine but I guess I was taking too long and not cleaning thoroughly enough…the kids were fascinated by the fact that not only do I use a washer at home but that I also use a dryer.
Later that afternoon, the kids found a scorpion in a bucket. They tried to scare me with it but I told them that because it was not a rat I wasn’t afraid but that they better not touch it. Of course they kept poking at it with sticks and pencils and then finally trapped it and threw it to the other side of the fence.
There has also been the biggest praying mantas I have ever seen hanging out in the doorway of my room at the hostel. The other day I walked into my room to my roommate reading a book in bed with the huge praying mantas right next to her sharing her bed. She was not even bothered by it.
Three kids came to Amani this week. Two had never been before and one was one of the younger ones that came for the first time with Baracka and I saw him when I was in Arusha for the night. I am so happy he is back he is such an adorable kid with so much energy.
Also, last week a group of travelers stopped by Amani for an afternoon to hang out with the childen and one of the women that was with that group was from England or Australia and used to nanny for two families in Summit. She babysat for the Fortunes and the Rosetniks...what a small world.
Thursday was Cassie’s last day at Amani :( I am now the only volunteer at Amani and I know that the kids are going to completely overwhelm me…oh well. I’m really going to miss her-luckily I will be with her all of next week in ZANZIBAR! I am leaving on Saturday and can’t wait for a week at the beach.
It has been raining a lot here recently and because it is so rainy the bugs have gotten pretty bad. By bugs I mean crazy insects…not just mosquitoes (although they are also plentiful) but weird creepy things with huge wings that hang out in mass amounts just outside of the house. I hope it doesn’t rain during the day in Zanzibar.
I will post again when I get back from vacation.

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