Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend-Kili Kids and Monkey Forest

On Saturday morning I went to the huge second hand market, Memorial, with Christina and Laura. This market goes on and on and on with stalls selling everything from t-shirts and dresses to soap and rice. Most of the clothes are shipped from Western countries (I think) and sold at this market. I bought three scarf’s for under 1 USD each and a t-shirt.
After feeling overwhelmed at the market I went back to the hostel because there were a bunch of kids visiting. Some of the people at the hostel volunteer at an orphanage, Kili Kids, and they invited the children over to the hostel for a special treat. The children were adorable and really well behaved. It is sad to think that none of these children have parents. Anyway, when we were all playing outside it started pouring and all of the kids got soaked (so did I). After a while they got picked up and taken back to the orphanage but they had a lot of fun playing with all of us and we obviously had fun with them too.

Sunday, I walked with one of our hostel guards and two of his friends and Grant and Andrea to a monkey forest somewhere in Moshi. It took about 45 minutes to get there and the walk was really interesting because it was through a little village area. I wish I could’ve hung out in that area and talked with the people and kids but apparently it is a really dangerous area for white people to be by themselves.
When we got to the forest Andrea felt really sick so we were going to head back but I met up with other hostel people that were there on a tour. I tagged along with them; Ally and his friend Nate stayed with me so that I would have someone to walk home with since the other girls rode bikes that they had rented.
We wondered around for a while and saw a bunch of different types of monkeys. It was pretty cool. Then we saw some local boys making fishing rods out of bamboo. They were using earthworms (that had metallic coloring on them) and little frogs for bait. We left before I could see if they caught anything or not.
It was a lot of fun but by the time I got home I was exhausted and super dehydrated. I feel like my entries are getting less and less interesting but I am just running out of time to write in a lot of detail (also maybe a little lazy)…maybe soon that will change though.

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