Monday, March 8, 2010

New Puppy

A couple of days ago a tiny puppy showed up outside of the hostel. One of the girls brought him inside the gate and we have sort of adopted him until we find his owner (if he has one). The guards have been trying to figure out whose dog he is but until then we can’t get rid of him because every time we try to put him outside the gate he sneaks back in through the holes.
We have given the puppy about eight different names and we all just call him different things: Bob, Jo, Bugs, Bin and others that I can’t remember. He pooped inside the house on his first night and nobody even knew he was inside. Now he sleeps in the outside room with the guards and we have been feeding him random foods. Today Katherine and I bought him real pedigree dog food and Chris bought him anti-flea soap that we bathed him with. Everyone loves him but Sarah has not said if we can keep him or not yet.
Also, there are five or six big turtles that wonder around the hostel yard that can occasionally be seen. I came back from Amani one day and saw this turtle just hanging out in the sun. I thought it was pretty cool which is why I posted the picture.

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