Monday, March 1, 2010

Kilimanjaro Marathon

On Sunday, the Kilimanjaro Marathon was held in Moshi. I woke up early and went with Anna at around seven thirty. There were three different races, the 5 K, the half marathon and the full marathon. Anna’s boyfriend ran the 5k and I finally got to meet him for the first time. He is really sweet and I am excited to hang out with him. During the marathon the daladalas were still running on the same street as the ‘track’ that the runners were on. It was extremely hectic. I saw one woman running the half marathon in high heels and one lady in a kanga with sandals on.
Some of the older Amani boys were there and it was fun to see them outside of Amani. They are adorable, one was wearing a suit and a tie and some were acting embarrassed to see Anna and I…probably because they were around their friends from school that do not go to Amani. I think it is really important that they are allowed out of Amani (and besides just to go to school) and to be able to socialize with other people so I was really happy when I saw them all there. We waited at the finish line to cheer on the man that gaurds the gate at Amani. His name is Petro and he is unbelievable…he has a really physically hard job and is constantly running around Amani. He is a great guy and he did the marathon in 2 and half hours!
It was really cool to see such a big event here and if I am here next year (which I won’t be because I’ll be at school but if I was) maybe I would consider doing the 5k.

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  1. Why did the lady wear high heels? Can you really understand Swahilli now? We are impressed!!! Did the marathon raise money? Keep the pictures and blog coming.