Monday, March 29, 2010

Chelsea and Kulwa's last day

This past week was a pretty good one…the children had exams so they got out of classes pretty early several days last week.
I went to the hospital with Christina and Daudi (a boy with severe autism and epilepsy) to what I think was the neurology clinic on Thursday. There were tons of children there with different types of disorders and disabilities. There were at least five children with hydrocephaly. It was nice to see all of these children with parents that really seemed to adore them despite their illnesses. Anyway, Daudi saw the doctor for less than five minutes in an exam room that was shared between two doctors and another patient. Everything was as it was supposed to be regarding Daudi’s epilepsy.
Friday was Chelsea, the library volunteer’s last day at Amani. It was also Kulwa, the storekeepers last day. We had a celebration on Friday because the children ended exams and to say goodbye to Kulwa and Chelsea. The children did drumming and dancing performances and then did ‘circus’ or acrobatics, which is extremely scary for me to watch. They do crazy flips and tumbles and flip over stools. Climb onto each other’s shoulders and then do back flips off and the whole time I sit there holding my breath until they land safely.

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