Monday, March 8, 2010

Arusha National Park!

Saturday I went to Arusha National Park with a tour company that ripped us off. We asked to do the first days hike of Mt. Meru and once we got to the park they informed us that the maximum hiking time is four hours and that if you want to do the first days hike you have to hike up and sleep there. We ended up just doing a walking safari which was really fun but it was annoying to have to pay so much for something that we didn’t ask for.
We saw tons of giraffes and got up pretty close since we were on our feet. There were zebras, warthogs, buffalo, dikdik, tons of different kinds of monkeys etc. We saw a pretty waterfall which I thought was pretty amazing. The water was pouring down so hard and fast that we had to talk loudly to hear one another over the noise. It sounded like someone was dumping tons of buckets of water down. The spray from the waterfall was nice because it really cooled me off.
When I got back Saturday night I met up with Anna, Christina and Cassie for Anna’s official last night in Moshi. We got Indian food and then just hung out. I already miss her.

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