Monday, March 8, 2010

Anna's Goodbye Party

The last week has been crazy…though not necessarily in a bad way. It was Anna’s last week so we were working (mostly just her) on getting the health curriculum finished. She managed to get it all done (except for the printing because it is a few hundred pages and we can’t print that much). None of the kids were too too sick which was good. A lot of the kids did seem to be in weird moods though at one point. I think it was because they were getting sad about Anna having to leave. We had a celebration for her on Wednesday and she brought candy for all of the children…which of course they loved (so did I).
She has been at Amani for about eight months and has really bonded with each of the children and has gotten to know them really really well. She was pretty upset about leaving because she loves these kids but she is ready to move on and she needs a paying job. I am excited for her, she is moving to Arusha to work with HIV/AIDS education and research. I have had so much fun with her and am so lucky that I got to work with her for a month.
Anyway, after the kids got their candy we had a dance party. I wish I could dance like a Tanzanian-they are the most amazing dancers I have ever seen. Even the little kids can shake their hips like I have never seen, they have amazing rhythm I wish I could post a video. Also, everyone was dancing together the teachers and social workers were dancing with the kids…that would be like me dancing with one of my teachers and guidance counselor when I was in middle school, which would’ve been weird, but here it is normal.
Then the children found a rat outside and started chasing it around and some even touched it. I started freaking out because I HATE rodents and because I was so grossed out that they were touching it. When they realized I was scared of it they pretended to chase me with it and they continue to come into the health office and pretend they have a rat in their hands. Of course I never know when to believe them because two times different children have come into the office with baby mice in their pockets.
A man that used to work at Amani as the drumming instructor came back recently and is covering for the teaching position that is waiting to be filled but is also drumming with the children in his spare time. Some of the older boys and the teacher were drumming and one of the older boys was leading the entire group of kids in an African dance. It was awesome. I tried to join but was having a hard time because the children that were chasing the rat distracted me.

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