Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amani-Animal Bracelets

Everything at Amani has been pretty good. The kids have been very healthy recently, with the exception of some coughs and colds and two burns from hot chai.
Chris, Julia, and the Grill family all sent me packages with the animal bracelets in them! On Monday I gave them to the children. I told them earlier in the day that they were going to get them because my friends from home sent them as gifts for all of the kids and they could hardly wait until after lunch to get the bracelets. They were so excited! The kids really appreciated it and wanted me to tell my friends thank you…so thank you Julia, Chris, and Grills!!! They have been saying the animal names in English and Kiswahili and it is helping to learn the names of the animals.
Chris sent me pictures from the blizzard…the children and the some of the staff were fascinated by the snow. They kept comparing it to what the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro looks like. Some apologized to me for having to live there and others said they love snow and want to see it one day.
All of the children have sandals made out of tires (and I bought some for myself a few weeks ago). All of the sandals look the same and so the kids are always taking one anothers and loosing them. Cassie let all of the children (including me) paint our shoes. It was a lot of fun but extremely messy and it ended up all over everyone’s hands. Luckily there was just enough paint thinner to get everyone’s hands paint-free.
The kids have exams all this week and then off the next weeks for Easter. I made a big poster about adolescents for the older kids for health class after easter break. They should definitely like it since they are all very curious but don’t know where to get information.
The puppy that we had at the hostel has been gone for over a week now. We have no idea where he went. We think he might have went through the gate one night and either gotten eaten by an animal, hit by a car, or taken by a person to keep as their dog (which is kind of what we did). We miss him but we were going to have to give him away anyhow.
I can’t believe I am almost half-way through…I hope that I am ready to leave when six months is up but at this point I don’t think I will be.

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