Friday, February 26, 2010

The Hostel

A little bit about where I am staying…The Hostel Hoff.
The hostel was thought of and is run by a woman in her late 20’s, Sarah, from Ireland. She set up the hostel mainly for people wanting to do volunteer work but not wanting to pay a lot of money to do it.
The hostel is really cute and has a nice yard with mango trees and hammocks. There is view of Kilimanjaro from the yard. We have two dogs, Butter and Carlos, but I am scared to pet them because they look sort of dirty.
Right now I am in a room with one other girl, Laura, from England. She is awesome. Last week we had two boys sharing our room.
We have a common living area with a tv and tons of books and DVDs and an eating area outside under a tin roof.
We keep track of who is staying here by using a blackboard and writing everyone’s names on it, we also have a calendar on the blackboard that has information for the next two weeks written down.
It is a really neat environment, because most of the people staying at the hostel are in Tanzania volunteering but almost everyone is volunteering at different projects depending on what they are interested in. There is a wide age range and many people from England some from Ireland, three from the US, some from Germany, Canada, Tanzania, Norway, Scotland, etc. Everyone is a lot of fun we all get along very well and enjoy partying together too.
I introduced them to the game Set that my parents gave me a few years ago for my birthday…everyone loves it and we play it all the time. Laura is getting really good and is able to beat me now but I think it’s because she practices every morning.
We have three women who clean, do our laundry (except underwear), and cook us breakfast and dinner. Two of them are around 19 years old and one is older and has a 18 year old daughter who also helps out sometimes.
We also have two Maasai men that are our ‘guards’…they are both really sweet. There are other people that also work here…Richard, an adorable man with one missing tooth who does yard work, and Ally and others.

So anyway, the hostel is a great place that I enjoy coming home to and I would definatly recommend it to everyone.

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