Friday, February 12, 2010

hospital and trip to clinic

So…the past few days have been interesting. The boy that was sick ended up back in the hospital. Anna and I went to see him on Friday Saturday and Sunday to make sure he was doing okay and was being fed and given water etc. Two of the older boys from Amani were there with him. They brought food for him and fed him and were taking good care of him. When I was there with the three boys another man died and the family had to drag the dead boys mother out of the room crying and then took the body out covered in a blanket. The boys were just staring at the body until I told them to look away…nobody else seemed phased by the dead body or the crying family.
Anyway, he ended up getting discharged on Sunday night but spent the night there and came back to Amani on Monday. He was still weak and shaky on Monday but by Tuesday he was back to normal, smiling and in class.
On Tuesday five boys came to Amani from the streets of Arusha. One of which has been to Amani several times. Each time he comes he convinces other children to return to the street with him. Amani came up with a new policy that limits the amount of times a child can come and then leave again. All five of the boys appeared really sickly. The one that comes and goes often had a fever of 102.5, they all had swollen glands and bad coughs and one had sores and cuts in his mouth. So…Wednesday Anna and I took all five of them to the clinic to get checked.
One of the boys was completely healthy the other four have malaria two have worms and one has typhoid and one has a UTI. Anyway, after getting their diagnoses and medications we all piled back into the taxi but instead of going back to Amani we stopped at a juvenile delinquent home. The social workers decided that this was best place to put the boy that was constantly coming and going. None of the kids realized what was going on but as soon as the social worker started to take him out of the car he started crying and the other boys were trying to hold onto him so that he would stay in the car. It was really traumatic and I almost started crying and after we pulled away one of his friends started crying. The social worker had to explain to them that he cannot come back to Amani until he stops the bad behavior.
Once we all got back to Amani all of the kids started asking where he was. They were really really angry that they thought we were going to the clinic and coming back but that we had gone and one of the kids was left behind.
I feel really bad but I think the social workers know what they are doing and what is best for this boy and for the other children.

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