Saturday, February 6, 2010

health education - teaching about germs

Anna taught a few of the kids about germs and hand washing. We used glitter to represent germs and bacteria and had the kids shake hands and open the door and then look at the germs on their hands. They then washed their hands properly and were able to see that the germs were gone. All of the kids here eat with their hands so it is important for them to know the benefits of hand washing and I think they understood it after this game.
Two of the boys had bloody noses today. One was worse than the other and the nurse immediately tilted his head back and it was weird for me to watch because I have always been taught NOT to do that because of swallowing the blood. I asked her about it and she said putting it back is better for at least ten minutes. I don’t feel like I am in the position to tell her what to do but it was hard for me to watch her do that and not do anything about it but luckily it was not too big of a deal in this situation.
I also finally bought a fan!! It is so nice to have a breeze while I sleep so that I don’t always wake up sweating in the middle of the night and I no longer have to freeze my bandana to sleep well at night.
There is a rumor going around town that the water supply is going to be turned off for three days so we have filled up buckets at the hostel just in case. Hopefully it will end up as no more than a rumor.
The differences between the hospital here and the hospital at home are amazing. The hospital here reminds me of the one in Vietnam. There are many patients to a room and the nurses and techs don’t take care of the patients the way we do in the US. The family has to bring clothes, towels, food, and drinks for the patient. The family does the laundry at the hospital and hangs it up to dry in the hospital courtyard. Women were walking around with infants that had i.v’s in their scalps. The doctors and nurses wear flip-flops. The bathrooms are obviously not western style and there is no toilet paper…, which is expected. Everybody is aware of what is going on with everybody else…confidentiality does not exist. I also feel bad for the people that do not have family members. I want to go to the hospital on weekends and volunteer and take care of the people that are there by themselves. I don’t know if I have time to do that but I would like to. Anyway this blog entry was totally random but I guess it doesn’t matter.

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