Sunday, February 14, 2010

busy friday

Friday was a super busy day for Anna and I at Amani. Rovina, the nurse, had the day off so it was just Anna and I and we had so many sick kids. There is a cold going around and sore throats going around. One of the boys vomited and another one was feeling really nauseous. Two of the new boys (that we brought to the clinic on Thursday) still had fevers. Kabila, the one with typhoid, malaria and worms was doing really poorly. Anna knows a lot about malaria which is really good but neither of know much about typhoid. He is on medications for all three and looked like he was in so much pain. He said he was really cold and that his head and stomach were really hurting. He would sleep for a bit and then sit up and flop around but could not seem to get comfortable and we were unsure of what we could give him, as far as pain killers, with the medication he was on. I let him put his head in my lap and sleep for a little while. He was crying a lot and at one point seemed delirious (which from what I understand can happen with typhoid). I felt so bad for this little boy he was just so miserable. At one point Kabila sat up and started gasping and seemed like he was having trouble catching his breath…Anna and I looked at each other and both started panicking and we were both thinking “oh god…not again.” But luckily his panting only lasted a few seconds and we did not need to do another rush to the hospital with mouth to mouth etc. A
It is scary being there when the children are so sick without Rovina because I don’t feel like I know anything about the illnesses that they have or about the medications they are on.
Also, Anna got a paying job in Arusha (a bigger city in Tanzania) where she will be doing something with public health and AIDS and ARV compliance. That means she will be leaving Amani in two or three weeks. I have no idea what I am going to do without her. She has been so helpful and I can’t imagine doing anything without her. She knows the names and personalities and histories of each child and she knows all of the staff and how everything works. I am so excited that she got a job but it still is scary that she will be leaving me.

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